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Cyber Security Status

Download the White Paper: "7 Steps to ICS and SCADA Security"

Find out how your organization can get moving on more robust cyber security practices.

This White Paper:

  • Tells you the 7 steps to take to start improving your organization's cyber security posture.
  • Saves you time by providing material condensed from numerous industry standards and best practice documents. The information also incorporates the real world experience of two experts, Eric Byres of Tofino Security and John Cusimano of exida.
  • Helps you optimize your spending and resource allocation for cyber security initiatives.

Protect your plant against process disruption, safety incidents and business losses from modern cyber security threats.

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describe the image Eric Byres is recognized as one of the world's leading experts in the field of SCADA security.

He has also been acclaimed by the group behind the standards, ISA, with the honor of ISA Fellow. He currently chairs the ISA 99 Cyber Threat Gap Analysis Task Group.

 JohnCusimanoRounded John Cusimano is a process automation safety and security expert with more than twenty years of experience.

He is director of exida’s security services division where he leads a team devoted to improving the security of control systems for companies worldwide.

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